Sunday, February 9, 2014

Emelia-Two Months Old!

Emelia Michelle,

How has another month gone by? 2 months old?? This month has been the most difficult month I have had. You have severe reflux and we just can't get it under control. You cry, a lot, it breaks my heart. It also makes Sissy very sad, she asked me the other day "Why can't Emelia be happy?".

We have you on medication and we also take you to the chiropractor 3 times a week. With the trauma you had at birth, your little spine is out of place.

You had your first babysitter this month. Aunt Kathy came to watch you and Eliza so Daddy and I could go see a movie. Thanks for being so good for her!

Other things you are up to:
  • You are up to 10lbs 15 oz, you are growing like a wild flower! 
  • You wear some newborn clothes and also some 0-3, you are long!
  • You are now into size 1 diapers, though they are a bit big. We need an in between size
  • You are still getting up every 2-3 hours to eat, Mommy is exhausted!
  • You love to be in a baby wrap and have me wear you all do, my back is hurting
  • You love to smile, Eliza is the one who is able to get you to smile the most
Just like when I was pregnant with you, I want to watch you grow each month. Our favorite Miss Meg is taking your picture each month to see you change. Here you are at 2 months!

Of course, I had to get Sissy in there with you. I want to watch your bond grow over this next year.

Thank you Meg from Shone Foto for always capturing great photos. Also, thank you to Cara from Darling In Pink Party Boutique for the awesome monthly banner we are using in Emelia's photos. You can purchase your own banner here!! You can use the banners to document your pregnancy or your babies monthly growth. She also has different party accessories for any type of party.