Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Little Dumbo

I am unsure why, but I have always had a deep love for elephants. A gentle giant, their intelligence, their ability to show emotion. It is beautiful. 

When I designed Emelia's nursery I revolved it around elephants and I knew I wanted to incorporate it in her newborn photos too. 

I came across this ADORABLE Elephant Crochet Set from Pink Poppies Studio on Etsy. 

I love the fact that it is pink, my favorite color. The ears just make me smile, they prop right up off of her head and the little hair on the top! Look at that tail! Ugh, it just fills my heart!!

Tiffany from Pink Poppies has so many different crochet sets. I love this Batman Set, if we ever have a boy, he will have that! How about a little Firefighter Set for your baby girl?

Is it wrong that I want Emelia to wear the hat as her winter hat? We might get a few weird looks but I just love it so much.

Tiffany, you are very talented! Thank you so much for such an adorable set!