Sunday, March 9, 2014

Emelia-3 Months Old

Emelia Michelle,

3 months old...ok I'm going to be honest, I am posting this after we just got home from your 6 month pictures. Yeah, I am a bit behind. I don't really remember what you were doing at 3 months old now, but I am sure you were a handful!!

Back then you had your reflux, I am thinking around this time we switched your medication which definitely helped. You slept through the night a few times at this point, you still don't do it very often so don't get too excited. 

You were probably chubby back then, just like now, you are an eater!! Newborn to 3 month clothes, size 1 diapers and lots of hours of snuggles.

You rolled over for the first time around 3 months old, we got it on video...somewhere. Welcome to the life of a second child.

But guess what, whether I wrote this when you were 3 months old, or today, my love for your is as strong as ever and THAT is what matters!!

Here are your 3 month photos from the fabulous Shone Foto. 

Love you lady bug!!