Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tattooed Babies

Our favorite photographer, Meg, from Shone Foto offered a photo shoot to benefit a local charity. The theme was "tattoos" as she partnered with a local tattoo shop for this charity event. All of the money went to The Torch, a local food truck that delivers FREE food to those in need. 

You know I couldn't pass up an opportunity to have adorable pictures of the girls plus help out a great charity! I volunteered my time to help Meg out with all of the shoots, it was adorable seeing all of the kiddos! I had only planned to have Eliza take part but when I saw a baby doing it, I knew Emelia had to join in. 

I just love these photos, so different from what we usually do and such genuine smiles from Eliza. Meg can always get those out of her!