Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our Year Of 3 Year Old Preschool

If there is one thing I know I did right with Eliza, it is the fact that I put her in Preschool last year. Though she was only 2.5 when she started, I knew she needed it. She needed a place to have her own identity, a place to be with other kids, a place to have structure and direction from someone other than me.

Being 7 months pregnant, moving to a new house, I needed this too. I needed a break a few hours a week for her to be out of the house. I needed to prepare for Emelia, get boxes packed and at the time, deal with Zander being sick.

Preschool was the best choice for us, and I can't believe how much this little pumpkin grew in her very first year.

and just because this outtake still cracks me up...


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Such a big difference a year makes!