Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wonder-Ful Teacher Gift

Eliza moved up to her new room at school, now that she is in Young PreK. I thought we would start off the year with a little gift to her teachers.

There is no way I could do what they do every day. I barely keep my head above water with 1 kid talking to me non-stop...I couldn't handle 10-15-20 all day long!

I was traveling through Target and came across these mugs

To think these women are anything short of Wonder Woman would be crazy. They are the ones who take care of my child when I am not there. They make decisions with what they feel is best for her. They teach her and help her stretch her imagination and expand her brain. I am forever in debt to them.

I decided to snag the mugs and attach a cute little note to them. I made the note using this editable tag. I love the teacher files they have there. So many are free and you can make cute little things for home or school. 

It was a cheap gift, only cost me $7 for the cup but I hope it made their first day a bit more Wonderful!!