Monday, October 6, 2014

My Heart is in Young PreK

She has been going for over a month now, but she still loves to remind people she is in Young PreK, not preschool! I am not sure why it is such a Badge of Honor to be in PreK, but you better not get it wrong!

She is doing so well in there. Her hand writing and listening skills have improved tremendously.

I can't believe how much she is growing up, it is so bittersweet. I have said it before, but I would freeze time today if I could. I love this age more than any other age so far. She is still my baby but yet so grown up. We can have silly conversations and tickle fights, but I can also give her directions and she follows them completely, she makes her bed every morning before she comes out of her room and cleans up her dishes after dinner. She is respectful and so generous to others. Lord, I just can't get enough of her.

Ok, back to the reason of this post. Once again, Shone Foto did her school pictures this year. I can't believe how old she looks! This can't be 3.5 years old!

Thank you, Meg, for always letting us crash school pictures!!

You can check out last years pictures, here. How much she has changed!!