Thursday, October 30, 2014

Preschool Halloween Treats

Eliza's class has their Halloween party tomorrow so I decided to make some treats for the kids and teachers.

I found the idea on Pinterest, so nothing that I came up with on my own, but I thought Heidi's idea was adorable!


Pretzel Rods
Candy Disks
Candy Eyes

It is pretty self explanatory on what to do, but here is a quick run down.

Melt the candy is a microwave safe dish until it is almost fully melted, then just stir it until it is smooth.

Take a pretzel rod and set it in the bowl, I then use a spoon to drizzle the chocolate over the rod as I rotate it.

This is where I differ from Heidi a bit.

I immediately put the eyes on the rod and then pour sprinkles over the pretzel. I coat it enough that when I lay it down, no chocolate gets on the wax paper.

Lay them out on the wax paper on a baking sheet

Her scary face for her scary treats
Toss it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and you're done

While we waited for them to cool

Like I said, very quick rundown.

I then found these tags on Pinterest and printed them out for the bags.

Put them in the bags and decorate however you want.

I got the bags at Joanns(along with the candy and coordinating sprinkles) and the spiders at Target.

For the teachers I was a little bit lazy, I bought premade candy apples, tossed them in a bag with a tag...tada, done!

Happy Halloween!!