Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It was cold, wet and windy but we made the best out of it!

Halloween started last week for us around here. Halloween is my #2 holiday, close behind Christmas, and it might be due to my love of chocolate!

Last Friday Eliza and I went to a local town trick or treat party to collect candy, cider and play the games. I had made her costume but that day she received a free superhero cape and decided she wanted to be SuperGirl instead.

When we were done with the party, I realized we had enough time to hit up the Trunk or Treat at the church up the road from us. I asked if she was up for it, and being my kid, she sure was! We flew in just as they were lining up for the candy! Perfect!

The next day we went to our towns trick or treat party. Honestly, it was a bust. Total disappointment from following years. The lines were so long we didn't stay more than 20 minutes. Totally lame!

Sunday, Eliza and I headed to our church fall festival, it was a blast. They do such a great job each year with games, activities, treats and candy! Once again, she picked SuperGirl over the costume I made her...

Eliza's friend Luke

Our Halloween festivities got going again Friday with a Halloween Party at Eliza's school. She doesn't usually go to school on Friday, but I didn't want her to miss out on the fun! I shared the treats we made for her class here.

They aren't able to wear their costumes until the afternoon so she wore her SPOOKY dress :)

Eliza only goes to class for half a day so I picked her up at lunch time and we came home for a nap. We went back to school to participate in the parade and we were so blessed to be met there by our friend Dana. She has a "sister" that is a clown and does Eliza's makeup each week. Dana met us at school to do Eliza's makeup for the parade!

All of the kids went around to all of the classrooms to show off their costumes. Besides Disney on Ice, I have never seen so many Elsas in one room!

After the parade we came home for dinner and to get ready to go out! It was raining/snowing by this time and I wasn't sure how long we would last. We go to a neighborhood near by as our houses are kind of spread apart and a lot of them still under construction.

The witch costumes are the costumes that I made for the girls. Though I love them dearly, they weren't too practical for the weather we ended up with and we had to switch to our back ups.

Eliza was a trooper, running to every house that had a light on. Emelia enjoyed waving to everyone from the stroller, I think she earned us a few extra pieces of candy. As the rain and wind hit harder Mark bailed out with Emelia to warm up and go get coffee, Eliza and I carried on! She finally admitted defeat when a gust of wind blew so hard, it almost knocked her over, thank goodness I was holding her hand.

As I sit here eating Milk Duds for breakfast, I would say it was another successful Halloween!